Links to Army PDFs Fixed! App Update on the Way!

The Army Publication Directorate (APD) is changing their website and as a result, some of the links to the regulations and DA-Pamphlets stopped working.  I just released a new database update that will update all the APD links so that you will no longer get a redirect page or “Page not Found”.

I am also preparing an update to the Application which will make some minor stability improvements and fix an issue with the Republic of Korea War Service Medal not displaying the correct image.  Unfortunately this could not be fixed through the database.  The update is nearly ready and I hope to be submitting it to Apple soon!




New Award Available!

Inherent Resolve Campaign MedalGreat news! A new awards database was just released.  I have included in this update the recently created Inherent Resolve Campaign Medal. We’ve known about this medal since March 30, 2016, however, the Army Regulations that describe this award and the criteria for its proper wear and display have not yet been updated.  Since the Army has already awarded this medal retroactively to Soldiers, I didn’t want to wait any longer for you to be able to add it in Army Awards.

For the most part, the criteria is simple, but we do not yet know how to wear the Service Stars for subsequent awards or all the phases of operation that a Soldier serves in.  The best information I could find (from unofficial sources) is that there are two phases currently awarded, so I made two Service Stars available.  But don’t worry, once the AR 600-8-22, 670-1 or DA Pam 670-1 are updated, I’ll release another update that will make your database current with Army Regulations.

You will receive the update automatically within a week.  You can always force an update in the Database Settings on the Info screen.  See “Tips and Tricks” to learn more!


New Awards and Devices Coming Soon!!

On March 30th, DoD announced a new award for service members who served in either Iraq or Syria since June 15, 2014. This has not been codified in Army Regulation yet, but it is pending and should be out soon. From what I have gathered in my research it will be between the Iraq Campaign Medal and the Global War on Terrorism – Expeditionary Medal in order of precedence.  So far there is an Executive Order establishing it and a couple of news articles and official releases and a design for the ribbon and medal set.

Also soon-to-be included are the “C” and “R” devices that are intended for “Combat” and “Remote” designations on certain awards. This is due to different interpretations of the “V” device. Some services such as the Army and Air Force use the “V” device for Valor while the Navy uses the “V” device for combat “Combat V”. The destinations are subtle but significant. The specifics are still pending for these devices as well, but you can read more about it here, here, or here.

The good news is that your version of Army Awards already shipped with all the new award images included. All I am waiting for now is the specifics about the award and information on its appurtenances (devices) in order to included it in the database. Once this is settled, I will update the database and you will have it automatically within a week unless you changed your update frequency. You can also get the update immediately if you want. Just check out the Tips and Tricks to see how.